Get Food Stamp Benefits Using The EBT Card

Food Stamp is a coupon issued by the state to individuals who have low income. These vouchers are exchangeable for food items at all participating store.

Food Account:

Your food stamp/ SNAP benefits are kept in your account. These benefits will be saved in your account until you want to use them. Your benefits are automatically added to your EBT account when you become eligible for Food Stamps or Cash benefits.

EBT Card: Two types of benefits are added on a Card:

  1. Food Stamps
  2. Cash

You will receive an EBT card when you are certified to receive SNAP benefits.

SNAP Office: You can get all information from the office on how to use the card and paybacks.

Personal Identification Number: You will get a personal identification number (PIN). You have to use this PIN to use your benefits. Never share your code with anyone, keep this number secure, so that no one else can use your food benefits.

Checkout Counter: keep your EBT card handy when you go to the grocery store to purchase food items. Use your card at the checkout counter to pay for purchases.

  • You can use your card for unlimited time for transactions.

How To Use EBT Card?

  • Take your eligible food items to checkout counter; cashier will calculate these products at the cash register.
  • You will run out the EBT card through a card reader (POS) terminal.
  • The benefits are stored on the card in some States.
  • The cost of the items you purchase will be deducted from your benefit account,
  • The amount will be deducted up to the balance remaining in your account.
  • You will receive a receipt after the completion of this transaction. Your receipt will have the amount of your purchase and the amount of benefits remaining in your account.
  • Keep your receipt to check the remaining benefits each time you visit the shop.

Eligible Purchases:

You can buy the following items at participating locations:

  • Food stamp benefits are valid only for food.
  • You can buy meat, fish, and poultry, bread and cereals, fruits and vegetables and dairy products.
  • You can also use them to purchase seeds and plants to grow food.

In-Eligible Purchases:

These benefits cannot be used to shop:

  • You cannot buy nonfood products, for instance,Tobacco, Alcoholic beverages, beauty products,cosmetics, paper items,Household supplies, and pet foods.
  • Not valid for medicines and treatments
  • Not available for hot foods.

Available benefits are added to your account and available in the next month. Use your Food Stamp and cash benefits once every 365 and 90 days respectively if not, remaining benefits are removed from your account and not returned to you.

You can use your EBT account only to access your food stamp and cash benefits you cannot get profits from a different state in this account. You cannot make deposits in this account.

Checking Your Account Balance:

Check your balance before you shop.  The following information tells you how to check your account balance online.

You can make free balance inquiries:

Online: you can track balance online.

The information mentioned below tells you how.

What you will need:

  • You have to provide your User ID
  • Enter your password

Look at the instructions to check balance successfully.

  • Check availability: most of the States give the facility of online balance information.
  • Open Online EBT Snap Account to confirm whether you state has this option for you.
  • Select the relevant link from results.

By Calling Customer Service:

Contact customer service center by calling toll-free at 1-888-328-6399 to get information about remaining balance.

By Receipt:

Check your receipt to check the remaining balance. Your receipt shows the balance each time you make a purchase.

At Food Store: Check your food account to look up the balance.

At ATM’s: Check your cash account where EBT cards are accepted.

  • Search your receipt:  keep your receipt from purchase to track the balance.

At Location: Search your nearest location and go there to get information.

Food Stamp Purchase:

  • Use your benefit account to buy food. Cash back is not available for this account. All food stamp benefit transactions cost nothing. You can only purchase eligible food products with your food paybacks.
  • You can use your card to buy items at all participating stores.

Benefits are added in the account on the 5th of every month. Receive your benefits and take your card to the store to purchase items. All you need is to swipe your EBT Card, select the Purchase, enter your 4-digit Personal Identification Number and follow the directions to complete the action. Confirm the details on the slip are right. Keep your receipt with you so you will know your current balance the next time you purchase.

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