Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) System And Its Advantages

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is an automated method that swapped the paper food stamp vouchers with a magnetic striped card. This card is just like a credit or debit card. Through this approach, a recipient can transfer his/her state benefits from a State account to a retailer account. They can pay for products from these advantages.

FNS: North Carolina Food and Nutrition Services receivers are eligible to use EBT cards to pay for their FNS benefits. These cards are accepted at any USDA certified store to purchase food. Benefits are provided to help low-income families to buy the food they require for good health.

  • FNS recipients can apply for their benefits by filling out a form at their nearest office.
  • Recipients have to prove the eligibility. You have to provide participant’s name as well as benefits information to open a new account.
  • The recipient will get a card and a personal identification number (PIN) to access the account.
  • Recipients can change the PIN number at any time.

SNAP: SNAP stands for Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program that provides food assistance to low-income persons and households. It also offers financial benefits to the people. You can apply online to become certified to accept food benefits at your retailers.

Apply Online: You can complete the online application within a couple of minutes. It’s always easy, fast and secure and to applying online.

Get your USDA Account?

  • To get started, click “Here”.
  • Click the “Login” button.
  • Input your user ID and password in respective boxes.
  • Hit the “Login” button.

Need Account? Hit on “Register” button to begin the registration process.

  • Choose an account and provide the requested information.
  • For customer account you have to provide:

User Information: Enter your complete name.

  • Enter your full legal name. Provide forename, middle initial and surname).

Contact Details:Enter your email address.

  • Confirm your email address.

Login Information:Provide user ID. Read the instructions.

  • Create a password. Read instructions carefully to create your password.
  • Confirm password.

Security Questions: Select and answer four different questions. This information will be used to certify your character if you forget your password.

  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Follow further steps to end this registration.

Apply online and become eligible to check the present status of your application using the account.


If you have been ratified to collect benefits from “Food Assistance” and “Family Assistance”, you can view your benefit balance, view transaction history, and documentation online.

Requirements: To access all these services, you must have the following:

You may need to provide your card number, ID, and password to log in

  • Food Assistance/Food Stamp: you are eligible to receive food benefits to pay for purchases.
  • Family Assistance: provides special cash benefits to needy people or any other emergency. You can buy non-grocery products with your cash benefits. You can receive these benefits from any ATM that shows “Quest” logo.

EBT Card: It is a “debit” card, your SNAP and cash benefits are added to your card each month. An automated card reader is used to run the card. The receiver has to enter the PIN number to access the account. As long as there are benefits in the account, the account is debited for the value of the purchase. The receipt shows the balance of benefits remaining in the account.

Where You Can Use The Benefits:

Eligible households will receive benefits, and these benefits can be used to buy most food products at participating stores. Recipients can use these advantages within thirty days from the date of application.

Cardholder Login: if you have a registered card, log in to your account to view balance and view transaction.

  • You have to access www.ebtedge.com website.
  • Visit the cardholder portal to log in.
  • Enter your card number in given box.
  • Click the “Login” button.

Registration: To register your card you have to provide your card number, SUID, date of birth, user ID and password.

Rewards Of Using EBT Card:

Deposit Automatically:Benefits are added in account automatically faster and more efficiently. Receivers do not have to wait for the coupons to come in the mail.

Reduce Fraud Possibilities: Through the electronic system,  the risks of theft and fraud are less. A valid PIN is required to use the card. Any other person cannot use the card if stolen.

  • Cut The Cost: EBT decrease the expenses of printing and delivering paper coupons.
  • Electronic Payment: Payments are processed electronically through a secure channel.
  • Direct Deposit: Benefits are added in the account and debited from their account at the time of purchase. A receipt will show your balance information.
  • Easy To Manage: Receivers no longer have to keep several voucher flyers. Only one card is used to add benefits each month.
  • Re-Issue: Recipients can ask for re-issue only if the card has been scratched, stolen, or lost.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Recipients can contact customer service to check balance status. Services are available 24/7.

Log in to account to view your transaction history, check balance, view documentation and more.

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